What is happening here?

This is a hobby page celebrating our personal gaming of all things related to the 40s Millenium Dark Future. It is a mix of background on the part of space we imagine: The Gemstone Reaches.

I started playing first Edition Rogue Trader back in middleschool and have kept on it, playing every single edition ever since then (with a few years of break at some points).

Fayak I got into wargaming in the mid 90th by, Cliche! Cliche!, handing over my Epic Eldar to her. We played a lot of Epic between first and 2nd Edition and she was taken by the designs. During a visit to the USA we went fully into heroic scale 40k together and played with friends 2nd and 3rd Edition heavily. We also wrote a story on our main chars back then which got up to a hundred pages and remains unfinished and unpublished to this day.

Fourth, 5th and 6th Edition were the Golden Age of Tournament playing and gave us the mighty Rausina campaign. A story game night every Friday evening we could manage to meet up with Davorshan and guests. This is also the reason the blog started.

7th Edition started strongly but we only managed a few games. It just became tedious to play.

8th Edition brought the fun back and then came Killteam! Perfect for weekday evenings. With all the gaming we brought the blog back and updated our campagin lore of the 8th Edition. I even did some writing on the aforementioned story again.

Between all Editions we always were big into lore, collecting and gaming all the P&P RPG of 40K. (Gotta catch them all). We also play 40k related computer games and board game and table top spin-off such as Battlefleet Gothic or Horus Heresy. Finally we love to read and I love audiobooks. Fayak is also reading up 40k novels faster then I do (or actually than they can be written).

Last but not least we also did LARPing 40k recently which was great fun and introduced our kids to the hobby. Our smaller one is a follower of Tzeentch, as her room clearly shows and her CSM are getting into shape. The bigger one plays an Ork in Wrath&Glory which she also has a kill team for in prep.

We invite everybody to share in our gaming and participate in the worldbulding of the Reaches. Just let us know. We already have a lot of guest authors gearing up!