The Divination Board / Das Wahrsagebrett

Lucius’s voice silently and gently called out to his savant servitor, Pretononius. The gentle clacking of the men-machine’s innards echoed throughout the small sanctum, which the High Inquisitor used as his private office. Pretononius was an ancient creation, with his mechanical parts

Rausina 18: Spyfly Transmission

unencrypted pict transmission from inquistorial spyfly 23343355443LVC pict1 depicting a suspected artifact side, northeast of the greenbelt; improvised defences by combined tau/eldar xeno forces; defences look makeshift and built in a hurry pict2 depicting an assault by suspected “word bearer” space marines;

Rausina 18 aftermath: Chaos thwarted, but Khornes Glory waits.

As I kneel before thee, my master. Mighty crimson glory of the sacred bloodletters choosen. I defiled our purpose by not suceeding to capture the eastern activation runes. I humbly request to be put to death by squeezing all blood out of

Rausina 17>18: Obituary

Somewhat disoriented, Azrael awoke. Above him he saw the pearlescent surface of an eldar habitent shimmering gently. Tiny sounds told him at least three of his brothers were asleep near him, and people were moving about outside, their sounds muffled. Experimentally, he