In the dark future of the 43rd millenium…/In der dunklen Zukunft des 43rd Jahrtausend…

Line of Blood “Brother-chaplain, I have a question to ask, concerning a dream I had.” Gracefully the young marine sank to his knee in front of the sanguinary priest, bowing his head in respect. Even for an astartes he moved with remarkable

The Divination Board / Das Wahrsagebrett

Lucius’s voice silently and gently called out to his savant servitor, Pretononius. The gentle clacking of the men-machine’s innards echoed throughout the small sanctum, which the High Inquisitor used as his private office. Pretononius was an ancient creation, with his mechanical parts

Rausina 14: Growing Suspicions / Zunehmende Verdachtsmomente

Saeffen began to run when she heard the alarm go off. This was exactly what she had been dreading all along since Lucius had sent her off to chaperone their mysterious Eldar visitor back to her people on Rausina. They were allegedly

…and on we go with our History Lessons / und weiter mit den Geschichtsstunden

This is brand new, actually, although it belongs to- well, you better figure that out for yourselves. In the High Grass A whisper. “Azrael.” Melodious. Familiar. Urgent. “Azrael!” Her breath on his auricle, soft as down. A hand on his shoulder, gentle

Another History Lesson (or two) / Noch ein oder zwei Geschichtsstunden

Returning the four Marines to their chapter, the wounded Fitheak ends up stranded on Baal. When the infamous Inquisitor Bertolli gets too nosy around the Blood Angel’s Fortress Monastery, Commander Dante charges Brother-Sergeant Azrael to see that the Inquisitor will not stumble

Fitheak’s tainted Witchblade / Die verseuchte Hexenklinge

Made of shimmering blue Wraithcrystal, the elegant and powerful sword was originally part of Fitheak Battleseer’s equipment provided for her by ‘her’ shrine, that of the Swooping Hawks. From the beginning, the young Battleseer’s Gift and the psychically reactive blade were a good