Junior Battleseer Farholis Faerul / Charakterbeschreibung

Farholis Faerul openly expresses mistrust towards the young Autarch, stating that her long years of disappearance among humans have evidently influenced her and led her to adopt many of their strange and uncivilized ways. He questions how one can entrust the leadership

Lt. Norinus “Redcap” Delacoeur / Charakterbeschreibung

The young lieutenant, who came from an old Aquarian noble family, often thought, “Why does the God-Emperor test me so much? All I want is to do my duty well!” Norusin was a classic career officer from one of the traditional officer

Rausina 2: More from Brother Ezekiel’s private diary / Charakterbeschreibung

7110815.M41, later that day or the following, committed to memory for later notation. We were shot down by a grenade launcher on our way back to base camp. The pilot managed to put the Falcon down in one piece on a small

Rausina 2: Newsticker Rausina / Nachrichten aus Rausina

Message for Calahan Battleseer, urgent! To be delivered immediately upon his arrival!Message reads as follows:The Falcon with Fitheak Autarch and her escort aboard is reported missing. Latest transmissions indicate that it may have been shot down by Imperial forces units on its

Rausina 1: Hammerblow for the Emperor / Hammerschlag für den Gottkaiser

Direct astropathic transmission from the UNSTERBLICH Dear Warmaster deLancet! The detour to Rausina you granted me found a terrific follow-up to the brilliant opener! Without much ado, merciless as my boys are, they were hardly to be restrained! After our scouts sighted