Planet Krüger – Planetenbeschreibung

Library entry: Central Library of the Aquamarines on Aquaria Category: Planetary Chronicles – Sector: Gemstone Reaches Entry: Kruger – The strategic burial world in the Scepter Run Planetary Identifier: Kruger Location: Spinning and rimward of the Imperium Aquariensis, entrance to Scepter Run

Landing permit granted…

…for our new Blood Angels Raptor pattern gunship! For the “Quest for Sword and Soul” Storyline we needed a conveyance, that the heroes around Farseer Fayak used for hunting the runesword that contains her soul. Her trusty body guards, together with Deathwatch

Quest for Sword and Soul 3: Attempt aborted

The escape from the weird xenos labratory brought Fayak and her entourage into a tunnel right above. Unfortunately the vile genestealers were already in ambush and quickly overwhelmed Bethor. The rest of the group kept the creatures at bay while Azrael opened

By way of an explanation… or How it all started / Wie alles begann

All right, all right, I know there is such a term as “fluff rape”. Now, before anyone accuses me of this, I will dig deeply into the very beginnings of my Wh40k gaming days, and tell you the story of how my

Turbulent Teens: Rausina 14 & 15 / Aufgeregte Teenager :-)

Due to TWA’s current schedule, only one Rausina date per weekend is scheduled at the moment. But last weekend, by chance, there were two dates again: On Friday HannY cancelled, and TWA and I played a round of BFG alone. And when

Ramblings about epic Storytelling Campaigns / Gedanken zu epischem Storytelling in Kampagnen

The avid reader will by now see the story unfold, as more and more games are played, more and more posts are written, and more background information on the characters is being revealed. Sometime soon we intend to post a map of

Gefangen im Transit / Caught in Transit (Interludium Rausina 12/13)

Here we find ourselves in the Blood Angel’s Thunderhawk gunship, ferrying from the DROP OF BLOOD to the SWORDMAIDEN after narrowly escaping the bombardment by the Immortal’s guns: Azrael studied the Eldar’s face. A smear of blood graced her upper lip and she

One week of withdrawal? or: Rausina 12 and 13 / Eine Woche Entzug? oder: Rausina 12 und 13

Phew, what a weekend! Hardly any sleep, because we were never in bed before 0100 (rather always around 0400…). And why? Because we made HISTORY, at least in our Rausina campaign. It all started quite harmlessly with a space battle (we wanted

Rausina 12: Desperate Measures / Verzweifelte Maßnahmen

“Fitheak Autarch is aboard that little human vessel. Why would that be?” A cleanly defined eyebrow rises in surprise on a high eldar forehead. “I cannot offer any valid explanation without great potential error, but in addition it does seem as if that