Planet: Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World / Planetenbeschreibung

Lothar is a breathtaking Paradise World located near the pinnacle of the Glittering Tiara, a region renowned for its natural beauty and serene landscapes. What truly distinguishes this world is its unwavering commitment to democracy and the preservation of its pristine environment.

Planet: Daks III is a postapocalyptic world / Planetenbeschreibung

Near Opal, in the heart of the Rummagen Trinket, lies the Daks System. Daks III is a post-apocalyptic world that is just beginning to emerge from its wasteland state with the assistance of the Tech-Priests from Opal. Among the migrating wasteland barbarians,

Planet: Aquaria of the Aquamarine Solar System / Planetenbeschreibung

The system is located as the crown jewel in the Glittering Tiara, a part of the Gemstone Reaches. Most notably, Aquaria is known for its unique geographical formation: it consists almost entirely of a tiny chain of islands near the equator. These