Turbulent Teens: Rausina 14 & 15 / Aufgeregte Teenager :-)

Due to TWA’s current schedule, only one Rausina date per weekend is scheduled at the moment. But last weekend, by chance, there were two dates again: On Friday HannY cancelled, and TWA and I played a round of BFG alone. And when

…and on we go with our History Lessons / und weiter mit den Geschichtsstunden

This is brand new, actually, although it belongs to- well, you better figure that out for yourselves. In the High Grass A whisper. “Azrael.” Melodious. Familiar. Urgent. “Azrael!” Her breath on his auricle, soft as down. A hand on his shoulder, gentle

Another History Lesson (or two) / Noch ein oder zwei Geschichtsstunden

Returning the four Marines to their chapter, the wounded Fitheak ends up stranded on Baal. When the infamous Inquisitor Bertolli gets too nosy around the Blood Angel’s Fortress Monastery, Commander Dante charges Brother-Sergeant Azrael to see that the Inquisitor will not stumble

Ramblings about epic Storytelling Campaigns / Gedanken zu epischem Storytelling in Kampagnen

The avid reader will by now see the story unfold, as more and more games are played, more and more posts are written, and more background information on the characters is being revealed. Sometime soon we intend to post a map of

Gefangen im Transit / Caught in Transit (Interludium Rausina 12/13)

Here we find ourselves in the Blood Angel’s Thunderhawk gunship, ferrying from the DROP OF BLOOD to the SWORDMAIDEN after narrowly escaping the bombardment by the Immortal’s guns: Azrael studied the Eldar’s face. A smear of blood graced her upper lip and she

Rausina 12-2: Das Chaos kommt / Chaos is coming

Kombiniertes A/V/S Tagebuch des Großinquisitor. Aufgezeichnet und kompiliert von seinem Servitor-Savant Petrononius “Danke BLUTSTROPFEN wir übernehmen jetzt.” Der Capitän der Schwertmaid beendet die Voxübertragung. “Lord, das Thunderhawk wird bald in den Hangar 2 einfliegen, was soll geschehen?” fragte er den anwesenden Mann

Rausina 12-1: Flucht von Rausina / Escape from Rausina

Am Rande des Rausina Systems: Zeitstempel x200.4.453 Zeitstempel x200.5.765 Zeitstempel x200.5.778 Energieanalysator überlädt, NOTABSCHALTUNG! Bringen Sie uns NÄHER! Zeitstempel x200.5.779 Zeitstempel x200.5.802 Zeitstempel x200.5.803 Zeitstempel x200.5.804 Zeitstempel x200.5.805 Commlink öffnen! Zeitstempel x200.5.807 Übertragungscode INQUIS MAIOR XXI Segmentum Ultima Maximalis UNSTERBLICH! Stoppen Sie

One week of withdrawal? or: Rausina 12 and 13 / Eine Woche Entzug? oder: Rausina 12 und 13

Phew, what a weekend! Hardly any sleep, because we were never in bed before 0100 (rather always around 0400…). And why? Because we made HISTORY, at least in our Rausina campaign. It all started quite harmlessly with a space battle (we wanted