Order of the Poison Ivy Part 2 / Orden des giftigen Efeus Teil 2

++ PRIORITY: OMEGA SIGMA ++TO: Adept Inquisitor Lysandra VossFROM: Lord Inquisitor Helion MarekRE: Order of the Poison Ivy – The Inner Circle Adept Inquisitor Lysandra Voss, Your reports on the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Poison Ivy have been invaluable.

Return to Rausina 3

Hier der Bericht des Captains der Crimson Skullslaughterers …Khorns Glorie wurde wieder durch ein paar Schädel mehr zu seinen Füßen gemehrt, und auch das Blut von wiederlichen Eldar und diesen völlig verwirrten wir-wissen-nicht-wen-wir-anbeten-sollen Ex-Brüdern floss reichlich.Und bis auf mich sind alle unsere

The Quest for Sword and Soul 5 Preludium: Meanwhile, Ravenburg…

Prelude: “You are sure its them?” asked Ravenburg, looking away from the piczoom aligner screen. He flipped to switches on the master auspex console and the main screen of the bridge displayed a blackish, reddish space marine type gunship. The slender female

Brother Librarian Ambrosius of the Deathwatch

Honored Librarian of the Aquamarine Chapter, currently assigned to the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Current Status:  Brother Ambrosius’ area of ??interest was initially only the collection of xenon weapons. Over time, he developed a more specific collecting passion

The Quest for Sword and Soul 1

The red warning light was continuous now. The Ships captain Zachariael, a veteran of many deathwatch missions noted this to me. He touched the control panel with his remaining arm. A pict screen lightend up. Brother Ambrosius saw: A orange claw appeared