Planet Krüger – Planetenbeschreibung

Library entry: Central Library of the Aquamarines on Aquaria Category: Planetary Chronicles – Sector: Gemstone Reaches Entry: Kruger – The strategic burial world in the Scepter Run Planetary Identifier: Kruger Location: Spinning and rimward of the Imperium Aquariensis, entrance to Scepter Run

Order of the Poison Ivy Part 2 / Orden des giftigen Efeus Teil 2

++ PRIORITY: OMEGA SIGMA ++TO: Adept Inquisitor Lysandra VossFROM: Lord Inquisitor Helion MarekRE: Order of the Poison Ivy – The Inner Circle Adept Inquisitor Lysandra Voss, Your reports on the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Poison Ivy have been invaluable.

Order of the Poison Ivy / Orden der giftigen Efeus

++ PRIORITY: ALPHA DELTA ++TO: His Eminence, Arch-Cardinal Severius ConstantineFROM: Adept Inquisitor Lysandra VossRE: Analytical Overview – Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Poison Ivy Your Eminence, Arch-Cardinal Severius Constantine, I hereby submit a detailed account on the Adepta Sororitas of

Landing permit granted…

…for our new Blood Angels Raptor pattern gunship! For the “Quest for Sword and Soul” Storyline we needed a conveyance, that the heroes around Farseer Fayak used for hunting the runesword that contains her soul. Her trusty body guards, together with Deathwatch

Quest for Sword and Soul 4: Dirty tactics

Arriving through the vent was a rough affair. The duct they used to escape the ancient genestealers were broken and branched of in many directions. Ambrosius led the way and was very sure which branch to take. He had sensed something of