The Situation of Tau on Ma’shiar’ris / Zur Lage auf Ma’shiar’ris (Rausina)

Beginning of the record Development on Ma’shiar’ris It fills me with great sadness to learn of Tal’re’s death. He was one of our best navigators and a good friend. Regarding the events on Ma’shiar’ris: After the first heavy battles, we supported the

Rausina 9: Terror Attack on the Tau / Terror Angriff auf die Tau

********************** Audio recording of the diary of interim captain Rottcur ********************** The last brothers left on the planet I have gathered around me. We will scatter and operate individually. We will carry fear to our enemies. No one shall be able to

Leutnant Fromo Boxbaggs / Charakterbeschreibung

The lieutenant leads the 21st Aquaria’s contingent of Ratling snipers under Col. Bloodfist. Himself of a rather special nature, he is revered by Bloodfist for his heroic actions. “And I truly would not have guessed such a thing from a pot-bellied, gluttonous

Interludium: We serve the Night Hunter! / Wir dienem dem Nachtjäger!

New Champion of the Night lords Audio recording of a speech from the armour of a Nightlord warrior: Where are we? Who are we? It’s a nearly uninhabited snowball at the edge of the universe and we are the Nightlords! Our Primach