Fitheak Rote Schatten / Fitheak’s Red Shadows

Out of an entire unit of Blood Angels stationed in a building, only four marines miraculously survived its bombardment and subsequent collapse, thanks to the intervention of the Eldar battleseer, Fitheak, who was present in the same room and ended up buried

Musings on the merits of Xenophobia / Gedanken über postive Xenophobie

7124815.M41, addendum: Judging from what I saw of our captors, they are undoubtedly members of the Emperor’s own forces, a regiment of the Imperial Guard from Aquaria, no less! This is the homeworld of Brother Ambrosius, with whom I had the honor

Rausina 5: Another Letter Home / Noch ein Brief nach Hause

Dear parents, Yesterday it was again high time. I am barracked here in Obrionte in the Administratum, and then came the incredible news that the Eldar (and supposedly also the Tau, or only the Tau, nothing more precise is heard) would actually

Rausina 5 Epilog: Latest Entry in Brother Ezekiel’s diarium / Neuster Eintrag in Bruder Ezekiels Tagebuch

7124815.M41 Rausina 5 Epilog: Latest Entry in Brother Ezekiel’s diarium: 7124815.M41 I really did not dare to hope, not even when those Eldar sprung us from the cells, and indeed only a few of us have escaped from captivity alive and (mostly)

Rausina 5: The Rescue / Die Rettungsaktion

The situation was extremely delicate when the sirens went off in the Imperial building. The Eldar specialists and the five rescued Space Marines had no time to lose. The Rune Prophet’s visions had led them directly to the cells with the prisoners,

Rausina 4: Das Ablenkungsmanöver / The Diversion

My runes indicate that the diversion to draw the forces of the Imperial humans away from the targeted building has been successful, perhaps even too successful. We must soon withdraw the Giant Spirit Warrior as it has sustained heavy damage while keeping

Mission Briefing “THE CHALICE”: Blood Angels and Eldar / Blood Angels und Eldar

For centuries, the Ebon Chalice was lost. A proud Eldar artifact from the times before the fall, the Sisters from the Order of the same name protected it, bestowed upon them through a series of strange occurrences. These events were predicted both