Planet Krüger – Planetenbeschreibung

Library entry: Central Library of the Aquamarines on Aquaria Category: Planetary Chronicles – Sector: Gemstone Reaches Entry: Kruger – The strategic burial world in the Scepter Run Planetary Identifier: Kruger Location: Spinning and rimward of the Imperium Aquariensis, entrance to Scepter Run

Order of the Poison Ivy Part 2 / Orden des giftigen Efeus Teil 2

++ PRIORITY: OMEGA SIGMA ++TO: Adept Inquisitor Lysandra VossFROM: Lord Inquisitor Helion MarekRE: Order of the Poison Ivy – The Inner Circle Adept Inquisitor Lysandra Voss, Your reports on the Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Poison Ivy have been invaluable.

Order of the Poison Ivy / Orden der giftigen Efeus

++ PRIORITY: ALPHA DELTA ++TO: His Eminence, Arch-Cardinal Severius ConstantineFROM: Adept Inquisitor Lysandra VossRE: Analytical Overview – Adepta Sororitas of the Order of the Poison Ivy Your Eminence, Arch-Cardinal Severius Constantine, I hereby submit a detailed account on the Adepta Sororitas of

Planet:Il Nizinite III / Planetenbeschreibung

A lonely desert world with no major settlements. The few resilient survivors of this frontier world eke out a living by hunting for pre-Heresy relics in the concentric cities scattered across every continent and dried-up sea basin of Nizinite. These are descendants

Planet: Clinohumite / Planetenbeschreibung

“Clinohumite is a planet of Terran size and serves as the capital of the Rumagen Trinket, a region within the Gemstone Reaches. It is a bleak, withering Hiveworld of monumental proportions, characterized by its distinct religious caste system rooted in a unique

Planet: Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World / Planetenbeschreibung

Lothar is a breathtaking Paradise World located near the pinnacle of the Glittering Tiara, a region renowned for its natural beauty and serene landscapes. What truly distinguishes this world is its unwavering commitment to democracy and the preservation of its pristine environment.