Quest for Sword and Soul 4: Dirty tactics

Arriving through the vent was a rough affair. The duct they used to escape the ancient genestealers were broken and branched of in many directions. Ambrosius led the way and was very sure which branch to take. He had sensed something of

Return to Rausina 3

Hier der Bericht des Captains der Crimson Skullslaughterers …Khorns Glorie wurde wieder durch ein paar Schädel mehr zu seinen Füßen gemehrt, und auch das Blut von wiederlichen Eldar und diesen völlig verwirrten wir-wissen-nicht-wen-wir-anbeten-sollen Ex-Brüdern floss reichlich.Und bis auf mich sind alle unsere

Quest for Sword and Soul 3: Attempt aborted

The escape from the weird xenos labratory brought Fayak and her entourage into a tunnel right above. Unfortunately the vile genestealers were already in ambush and quickly overwhelmed Bethor. The rest of the group kept the creatures at bay while Azrael opened

Quest for Sword and Soul 2

Entry in Brother Ezekiel’s diarium, 7285798.M41 Following our abduction by the vile tyranid creatures I cannot be sure about time anymore. During the initial attack all of us had sustained wounds that led to our capture, and were in various states of