Brother Librarian Ambrosius of the Deathwatch

Honored Librarian of the Aquamarine Chapter, currently assigned to the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition. Current Status:  Brother Ambrosius’ area of ??interest was initially only the collection of xenon weapons. Over time, he developed a more specific collecting passion

Capt. Cato of the 7th Company of the Blood Angels

Der Capitän gehört zu den eher redseeligen und grübelnden Vertretern seines Ordens. Derzeit führt Cpt. Cato folgende Einheiten: 1. Squad Milnon mit Laserkanone und Melta 2. Squad Erastus mit Rakwerfer und Flammer 3. Squad Famulo mit Rakwerfer und Flammer 4. Scout Squad

Helene Middenheim, chief Instructor-commisar / Charakterporträt

Red haired, stern looking, but quite beautiful behind her hard face.Blue green eyes and a first bit of fattening hanging on her angularjarr. Not much, just enough to show that she is not young anymore.Since she does not pay much attention on

The next Generation: Helena Balfour / Charakterporträt

Young, gauntly attractive Helena is the late inquisitor Lucius’ adopted daughter, and is alledgedly named after the ship on which she was born and later picked up by the inquisitor. Rumour has it (although usually it never did in the presence of

The Divination Board / Das Wahrsagebrett

Lucius’s voice silently and gently called out to his savant servitor, Pretononius. The gentle clacking of the men-machine’s innards echoed throughout the small sanctum, which the High Inquisitor used as his private office. Pretononius was an ancient creation, with his mechanical parts

Lord Inquisitor Lucius Trivalens / Charakterbeschreibung

Dataslate belonging to a 21st Aquaria Intel Unit. According to our contact within the highest echelons of the Administratum, we’ve gathered the following comprehensive insights into Inquisitor Lord Lucius Trivalens: Inquisitor Trivalens is a distinguished member of the Ordo Malleus, and he