Onipuli IX

The world of Onipuli IX was a relatively recently colonized world. The van Onipuli Rogue Trader Family had made it their Headquarter for 30 years, about 300 years ago and started building a town around their fortress. They expected to enrich themselves by moving in colonists from hive worlds across the reaches to have them work on the expected natural riches in minerals that were expected. Additionally Onipulis biome is compatible for human habitation. Unfortunalty the minerals were never found and otherwise the planet has no interesting features to cache in on.
Flat, ugly, purple weedfields make up 95% of the planets surface in dry season and 95% of flooded purple weedfields make up the surface in rainy season. Igorina van Onipuli, Matriarch of the family thought about terraforming but the planet was considered far too dull to make it into the garden, paradise or agriculture category without taking generations and spending all the families fortunes. So the Rogue Traders moved away from the planet gifting it to the administratum and so the fortress and single city of Sansweedia was designated into a quintary archive station for the surrounding “Rummagen Trinket” subsector. So for over 200 years, imperial archives deemed to unimportant to be stored otherwhere were put into storage built into the buildings of the depopulating city. Some imperial citizens found employment serving the bureaucracy, most moved off the planet when given the chance. Today a few ten thousand administratum clerks slave over a necropolis of pict viewers, dataslates, tomes, slates, book, parchments and animal hides filled with data deemed almost as useless as themselves by the Imperium.

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