Junior Battleseer Farholis Faerul

Farholis Faerul is openly mistrustful of the young Autarch, stating that since her disappearance long years ago she has obviously lived among humans and taken on many of their strange, uncivilised ways, so how can you entrust the leadership of some of the craftworlds finest warriors to her? Yet, inconsequently, he does not step down from his posting, recognising the chance to gain reputation and experience when he sees it.

Highly unusual, Farholis actually did not tread any other path than that of the warrior before he became a warlock and then a battleseer. Some say that this does indeed make for a lack of experience of life on his part, his abilities as Seer notwithstanding.

Farholis has a life partner, and one small child results from this union so far.

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