Rausina 10: 40 Minutes of Action

After Action Report of Captain Cato of the Blood Angels to Inquisitor Lucius


The Drop to the Planet Rausina went well. I chose to land the company into the green belt of this frosty world. We prepared ourselves for immediate action against the malign forces of the warp. But on none of the impact sites a spawn was detected. All drops seemed to have happened onto agrarian fields. Only Sergeant Trimaldo reported some traces of recent combat. A barn near his impact site was burned down and pockmarks of grenades and missile craters were scattered around it.

I ordered teams to scout in all directions. I myself led the northern team. With me I took the Squads of Sergeant Erastus and Scout-Sergeant Corbulo.

We found the enemy quite fast. We engaged without delay.

Other than the malign forces your divination made us to expect we encountered the vile xenos known as Tau.

As is their way of war, some Battlesuits accompanied a fair number of their Warriors. Since it is known to me how bad the tau fare in hand to hand and the battlefield was plain and wird, I decided on the tactic without a second thought. These were the only enemies, and we would crack their skulls with bolter and chainsword.

I ordered my brothers to charge onwards. The rush of adrenaline took them and with a great cheer they rushed the Battlesuits to the left and Warriors to the right, the scouts meanwhile dropping to ground to get their two sharpshooters into a good postion.

Whether it was their shooting or the charge of the men, the Battlesuits jumped backwards in a most cowardly manner to escape the infight for a few more moments.

Minutes later all tau lay dead before us. Their battlesuits cracked open and torn, their warriors literally hacked to small pieces by my brothers.

Oh curse of the Bloodangels!

Without a prisoner we can only begin to understand the reasons for the Tau being here.

We move on to the nearest habited place given via the satlink.


End of Transmission

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