The Swordmaiden

Is a converted grey knight strike cruiser given to Inquisitor Lord Lucius by the techpriests of mars.

The Swordmaiden is also modified according to Lucius needs and much more luxurious than a warship is suppossed to be.

E.g. Three of the ships four detentionrows were converted into guest quarters suitable for  the highest level of inhabitant.


For a very long time Lucius was one of the Inquistor Lords not using his own ship but rather requesting and requiring what ever he needed at the moment of opportunity. When the ordos HQ of the Gemstone Reaches calculated the costs he was given the hint that a ship of his own might save valuable thrones to the cause of the inquisition.
Lucius evaded the notion for a few years by being too engaged in the reconquering of the forge world Betzoid XII.

As his usual approach, which is not without critiques in his Ordo, Lucuis went for a surgical strike against the Demon Prince who led the planetary uprising. There was very light collateral damage to the planets production ability and the subsequent cleansing of the populance left enough workforce to get Betzoid running at 70% capacity only one year after the chaos had been put to order.

The tech priests were very happy and rewarded the inquisitor in a very special way:

The next newly build stirke cruiser out of the factories of Mars went straight into the stewardship of Lucius, bypassing and order the Grey Knight Chapter had put forward a 39 years earlier. This, the techpriests found only fair, since the Grey Knight never arrived at the Theater of Betzoid, even when heavely requested by all in the warzone to fight of the Demons on the planet.

The downturn to all of this, is the fact that, even Lucius being a Lord of the Ordo Malleus, there have been quite a few instances when Grey knights were not available to his call…

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