40k Terrain in 40 Minutes

Well, actually that’s not true, it took me 60 minutes. But yes, if I hadn’t chatted as much as I did, I might have been even faster.

We are looking here at my quick terrain I whipped up for our latest game of the Rausina campaign, some eldar structures intended to represent one of the artefacts sited on planet Rausina.

Here is a picture of it with a squad of my Avengers and a battleseer guarding the site:

Initially, I intended this to be some quick and easy scenery for one game, to be discarded afterwards so as not to clog up our apartment with yet more game stuff.

So I fished an empty cereal carton from the waste paper box, and set to it. I cut it open to get a flat card board, then folded it in half, and doodled the shape on to it, with the folding situated in the top-most fin, and a square piece attached at the bottom to make it stand up. Then I cut it out, double-layered because it is on the fold, and replicated teh shape twice more. Folding in the ‘feet’ and glueing them together with white glue (fixing it with clothes pegs until dry) I was basically finished.

To make it look nicer, I couldn’t stop myself and painted some jewels onto the uppermost two fins (on both sides), and also painted the lower insides grey to hide the colourful cereal advertisements still visible after glueing the upper parts together (again fixing with clothes pegs). On an afterthought, I also made a center piece to represent some kind of artefect/control structure or whatever.

Working conveyor belt style (step one on each structure, then step two on each structure, then step three…) sped things up because the paint could dry on two of them while I was working on the third. Using Citatdel’s foundation grey helped, because it dries so quickly. Also I left the outsides unpainted to save time, since they were already grey to begin with.

Now I was finished, I thought. BUT I did one last thing: I stuck two 5-cent pieces onto each structure’s bottom to make them stand more secure. And voila, I had three eldar wraithbone structures, which (due to the nature of the cereal that had occupied the box before) even smelled faintly of cinnamon, just like the warp…

And of course, we did not throw the things away after the game, no, they are now sitting around looking for a place to be kept…. *sigh*


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