Planet: Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World / Planetenbeschreibung

Lothar is a breathtaking Paradise World located near the pinnacle of the Glittering Tiara, a region renowned for its natural beauty and serene landscapes. What truly distinguishes this world is its unwavering commitment to democracy and the preservation of its pristine environment.

Planet: Daks III is a postapocalyptic world / Planetenbeschreibung

Near Opal, in the heart of the Rummagen Trinket, lies the Daks System. Daks III is a post-apocalyptic world that is just beginning to emerge from its wasteland state with the assistance of the Tech-Priests from Opal. Among the migrating wasteland barbarians,

Planet: Aquaria of the Aquamarine Solar System / Planetenbeschreibung

The system is located as the crown jewel in the Glittering Tiara, a part of the Gemstone Reaches. Most notably, Aquaria is known for its unique geographical formation: it consists almost entirely of a tiny chain of islands near the equator. These

Rausina 23: Victory to the Dark Gods! / Sieg den dunklen Göttern!

“Tzeentch misled the enemy as to our strength! Slaanesh seduced them to strike without thinking! Khorne led us to spill their blood! Nurgle will fester in their wound and open the it for the glory of chaos undiveded to spread though the