Planet: Deepka Pits

A mining world in the gemstone reaches. The deepka pits are home to
the deepkeese alien species. 3 legged, three armed and of ape like
intelligence, these aliens are easily used as slaves. The main reason
for this is there tribal structure which has two main values: children
and the completeness of the body. Though not losing a limb is the
second most important thing. These two facts are an easy reminder used
by imperial authorities to gain cooperation of the surface dwelling
deepka to get deep in to the dangerous shaft mines for the rare ores.
Many special components needed by the forgeworlds of the gemstone
reaches are only mined on deepeka. Should the planet, for one reason
or another not meet its tithes, the economy of the whole sector would
be greatly affected.

Aside from the indigenous deepeka, the planet is home to only two
cities, one atop the crescent mountain on blue plateu, and one next to
the red and dusty mining plains.

Though the capital Blue, is home to the gouverneur and to the noble
families while Dusty is home to all the mining operations with its
overseers, techpriests, clerks and clerics.

As with most imperial worlds the difference for the few living in
blue compared to the many in dusty is very stark. The former not
lacking anything, dwelling in great enclosured habitats, poking away
the day with their playful intrigues, debaucheries and petty wars.

The inhabitants of dusty, as the middle class, are giving the deepeka the shafts to scratch the ore from.

And finally the deepka who work to save their children future.

Over the last 2000 years the native population had greatly dwindeld as had the ore
output. The governess is quite helpless in her quest to get the
mining on track again. All she does is asking for more ore from the
nobles which in turn crack down harder on their overseers which are in
their turn on the verge of tilting the deepeka into open rebellion against their human masters.
This never happened before and the xenobiologists of the administratum
are pretty sure a rebellion will only be but down by a complete
annihilation of the alien species which is happening within the net 500 years anyway, if the mining operations continue as their are right now.

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