Forge World Yasin: Victor Extremis!

Victor Extremis Forgeworld Yasin Warlord TitanThis guy already played a brief role in our Rausina campaign and was used during the ConflictX in Berlin. He is Inquisitor Lucius personal battle conveyance produced by the venerable Forgeworld Yasin in the Gemstone Reaches. This forge has been sealed of from the rest of the Imperium and became very progressive (some would call it heretic) in pursuing own versions of trusted std designs. Their fabrication capacity, relying heavily on manual labor thus is very limited but the results are very special. This battle titan is an equivalent of a classical warlord class with the specialty that all four weapon locations are in the arm mounts. It carries a CCW-Powerfist and a 4 barrel Plasmagun on the left arm mount and a Multilasercanon and a Meltercannon on the right arm. In addition to this, two twinlinked lascannons provide a sting against selected smaller targets.

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