Return to Rausina 1: Inquistor Lord Lucius is back.

Lucius teleports with a small force onto the perimeter the Nightlords built around the Imperial troops.

Some of the stern inquisitorial stormtroopers flank the heretic astartes while the Lord Inquistor and his retinue hide behind a rock formation.

The flank assault is successful, many heretic astartes die in the hi-power autofire of the stormlasers.

The inquisitor hurls psionic attacks onto the heretics’ flank and adds to the heavy losses.

The leader of the chaos fallen is frustrated by the fact that his own psionic abilities are far outmatched by the corpse emperor‘s dreaded inquisitorial minion. He screams to his flank to charge the stormtroopers.

Inquisitor Lord Lucius, not known to be a radical, has brought a mighty weapon. A daemonhost he commands to help the stormtroopers, now assaulted by the remaining Nightlords of the flank squad.

While all Nightlords focus to their right side, on behest of their Magus, more Inquisitorial Stormtroopers teleport in behind them.

They immediately open fire onto the back of the heretics. The Chaos Marines are now caught in the crushing claws of the Inquisition.

Frustrated and surprised, the Magus and his personal guard still hold their ground, ignoring the heavy losses left and right. Screaming abuse on to the “minions of the corpse emperors dying empire”

The Nightlords of the right flank, who charged the stormtroopers on their Magus’ command, slaughter all of them but the last. Guardsman who is still standing prays for absolution, while waiting to receive the deathblow when suddenly the daemonhost joins the fight, evening the odds.

The Stormtroopers on the Nightlords’ left side shoot many more heretics, advancing stoically over the dead marines.

The few Nightlords left huddle together in small groups, reeling under the massive fire coming from all sides.

Lucius and his retinue advance towards the center of the enemy, ready to take on the Magus and his bodyguard, many of which are killed by the massive and wondrous display of various weapons wielded by Lucius and his coterie.

The Magus and his standard bearer and the last standing, enraged they charge what is left of Lucius troope.

The hand-to-hand is quick and fierce, Lucius and his dedicated crusaders use their holy shields as a wall deflecting the vicious blows of the evil runic blade the magus strikes at them. Once the nightlord is exhausted Lucius channels all his psionic might in to one swing of his force sword, beheading the Magus with a backhand swing.

Remaining Nightlords flee in all directions…

…and are quickly caught up and dealt with.

The Stormtroopers comb through the area to shoot surviving wounded (enemies).

Lucius‘ Retinue helps…

Unfortunately losses are few but vital individuals on the Imperial side

but luckily many many more heretics met the fate the Emperor‘s enemies should expect.

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