TalAndor Voidmaster

Although a very calm person, TalAndor Harfarian had his share of unquenchable wanderlust, and has spent many years travelling worlds and webways as a Ranger. This left him with an outstanding knowledge of the world outside his Craftworld’s walls, which stood him in good stead when upon returning home he entered the path of the Voidfarer. Being firmly rooted in reality and possessed of a wealth of experience with alien behaviour, he often arrives quickly at a realistic conclusion where his seer counterpart on the bridge finds himself baffled.

Not gifted with a spectacular psychic ability himself, he never opted for any seer path, but preferred hands-on occupations, such as game warden, educator of children and accoucheur before he started out on his travels on behalf of his Craftworld.

TalAndor has grey eyes and dark, almost black hair.

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