Quest for Sword and Soul 4: Dirty tactics

Arriving through the vent was a rough affair. The duct they used to escape the ancient genestealers were broken and branched of in many directions. Ambrosius led the way and was very sure which branch to take. He had sensed something of great import to the aliens. None of the group other them him would have realized that his direction led into a breeding chamber. Here the vile xenos seemed to propagate in lieu of human breeding stock as it would have been readily available on most other locations. The Stealer coven, riding on the abandoned levels of the bulk carriers outer hull seemed to have “invented” other means of keeping their numbers.
Living organisms connected via a mesh of bio luminous tissue and blood vessels connected what looked like wombs from dismembered spacefarers. These sacs contained an alien fetus each. All in different stages of growth. Each of the old, leathery containers had scars from being cut open many times. Between them were egg like shapes, also translucent that were full of orange shimmering tubes. Ambrosius remembered sees from the lessons he took about Genestealers in the Deathwatch Library. The tubes were ovipositor. Stamps used by the aliens to imprint their geneseed into their victims. Normally they would be directly injected into the body of a victim. It was called the “Genestealers Kiss”. Here a vile construct of living organs was the “victim” and it seemed hold ovipositors for hundreds and thousands more Xenos to be bred in is wombs.
The seemed to be reused every time one of the aliens was “born”.
All of them were scarred by many cuts, all in different stage of healing and scarification.
Ezekiel touched Ambrosius gently on the Arm. The Librarian was totally captivated by the object in front of him.
“We need to move” he spoke gently.
Ambrosius shook of the fascination he had for the construct and decided.
“All of you cut out the eggs with the tubes inside. Make sure they stay intact. The aliens will not want to hurt these.” With these words he ordered every one of his sanguine brothers to cut out one of these egg from the living carpet and stick to it. Something was very special about the eggs. He could sense it.

The escape though the tunnels, showed he was right. The aliens tried to attack, and get back their egg, but they did their utmost to not harm the eggs.
Using this knowledge the group could make their way back with a minimum of combat. The aliens would not shoot, and try to grab the eggs and secure them before even going into close combat. Finally a way back to the gunship was found.

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