Wooooooh! Naked flesh…

New Warlock in the MakingSomehow the Eldar figures from GW show a remarkable lack of female models. OK, there is the one-in-four female torso in the Guradians box (Actually, is it the same in the Dire Avengers box?), and yes, there are the Banshees, all female presumably, but otherwise? Nada, niente, nothing. Especially no female Warlocks or Farseers. This is surely not what you would expect with a race that dearly needs any hand able to carry a weapon, and almost funny, because I have found that some DoW players, who have otherwise had no contact with the 40k background actually believe that all Farseers are female, because of the female Farseer figure in the game. Anyhow, since I am female, my farseer has also been female since I began to play somewhen back in the 90ies. I usually made do with the Eldrad model, since that is very slim, and waisted, and looks pretty female to me (no slight intended, old boy!).

But my army is growing considerably of late, and I need more Warlocks, to use as Spiritseers for my Wraithguard units. And logically, I did want an even mix of the sexes. So now what..? Use Eldrad over and over again? Now that would look boring. So I did the unthinkable, and looked over the rim of the 40k-GW saucer at other miniatures. Maybe they would have more eligible female models? Yes! I found the old Alarielle model from GW’s Warhammer series, a beautiful High Elven character model. Nice, and has potential to work with. (see her in another post!)

But what I also found was Reaper’s Alastria. Wow! 40k get’s a new dimension: Sex! This little guy, errm, girl, will easily win the ‘Sexiest Warlock on Craftworld’ contest over and over, hands down. So, onto my modelling table she went, and transformation began. She has already lost her puffed sleeve, and got farseer-ish shoulder guards instead, also a gemstone on the thigh, a pistol in a holster in the fold of her cloak and a little bag of runes at her feet. Next thing will be her waystone, and some strand of hair to cover the transition of the cloak and the shoulder guard. I’ll take pictures when modelling is finished. Then she will be painted in my ubiquitious craftworld colours of dark and pale green, with lots of naked flesh in between.

When she is all finished, she will accompany one of my squads of ten Wraithguards, so the old boys will have something to look at when battle calls. 😉

Now, for all those hidden feminists among you (not that I truly expect anyone to complain when I field her), I do not honestly imagine any Eldar, female or otherwise, to be stupid enough to go onto a battlefield half-naked. It just doesn’t fit with the fluff; there should be rune armour, the cloak, and a helmet. But I immensely liked the model when I saw it, and simply couldn’t refrain from the joke.


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