Autarch Fitheak FirLirithair of Caer Diomasach

The strong-minded Eldar woman has travelled many pathes already, the pathes of Warlock and Battleseer among them. A few years ago she was severely wounded during a mission and her soul bound into the witchblade she was wielding. Her body fell into the hands of Space Marines who placed her in a stasis field until she could be picked up by the Ordo Xenos, which would undoubtedly have been quite interested in an almost intact Eldar psyker. She was then handed over to an inquisitive Death Watch Librarian, who used her subsequently as a lure to successfully contact some elusive Eldar ‘pirates’ active in the Guarridi system. On a rather twisted path she ended up travelling through half the galaxy in the company of the same librarian and five Blood Angels on a wild quest to find the lost witchblade before eventually being able to return to live on the Craftworld Caer Diomasach.
Deemed tainted by many, and psionically unstable by most Eldar upon her return, she was unable to resume her post as Battleseer, and eventually returned to her shrine to serve as Autarch instead. Her ongoing association with humans is still being viewed with much suspicion on the Craftworld.

Despite her age, she remains un-bound and childless so far, a matter of great concern for her fellow Eldar.


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