Zwischenfall auf Rausina

Brother Ezekiel, returned from the Death Watch7110815.M41
Meeting with the Tau to reach an agreement for them to keep out of this operation went off well, security was properly established, the site in the snow-covered tundra easy to defend against intruders. After about 37:46 minutes, a detachment of what was later discovered to be halfling snipers was detected and eliminated. Meeting was adjourned to evacuate diplomatic personnel, the Lady Fitheak and that Eldar psyker who always acts as though the Emperor were standing on his toes, both of whom were unfortunately unarmed according to custom.
The situation became grave when more troops began to materialise right in the middle of the retreating Eldar party, severely outnumbering us. A detachment of dead warriors covered the two unarmed persons, my brothers’ first concern being getting the Lady Fitheak to safety. Two large detachments of troopers blocked our way to the transports, and immediately concentrated their fire on the Eldar’s leader of this operation. They downed his jetbike with a plasma gun after repeatedly hitting it with las fire. He was later evacuated to base camp, but is still in serious condition. Whether he can continue the mission or not is doubtful.
At our flank a small unit supported by two war walkers appeared, threatening to divert the units of Avenger warriors and the ghost warriors who were advancing on the attackers in front to clear the way to the transports. Our Eldar insisted on taking on the warwalkers, to which Brother Azrael reluctandly agreed when the warwalkers opened fire, wounding Brother Calidus. While the ghost warriors supported by the severely reduced Avenger detachment engaged one of the attacking units despite heavy losses, our unit challenged the attackers at the flank, detecting the commanding officer and his retinue among them. Shielding the weaponless Eldar with our armour we eliminated the command squad and finally the warwalker, the Primarch be thanked for Brother Bethor’s power fist.

Meanwhile the Tau, having brought their diplomats to safety, returned and also engaged the attackers, losing one of their tanks in the action, but supporting our unit when the warwalkers threatened our Eldar since Brother Bethor was at that time the only one of us still in a condition to fight, I am ashamed to admit.

After a short but fierce fight, both Eldar diplomatic personnel could be safely evacuated, and the attackers disengaged.

Losses were great, since such an attack could not have been antcipated, and the diplomats were accompanied merely by an honour guard.

The attackers seemed to be misguided Imperial soldiers, as it cannot be in the Emperor’s interest to hinder our mission on Rausina. I venture to put it down to lack of knowledge on the part of their leaders, hoping that they are not touched by darker powers than ignorance.

(Excerpt from Brother Ezekiel’s diarium)


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