Feoronharr, Master of the Shrine of the Swooping Hawks

Feoronharr is an incredibly old and powerful exarch, and has been Master of the Shrine of the Swooping Hawks for almost uncountable years now. Knowing Fitheak since she joined his shrine many years ago to be near her brother who had been lost on the Exarch’s path, he regrets that the wayward Eldar is no longer able to fulfill her role as Battleseer, and had placed all his shrine’s resources at her command when it came to equipping her for her new role as Autarch. Having a keen interest in this Eldar’s maeandering life-path, he often accompanies his warriors onto the battlefield, curious as to what surprise fate has in store for her next.

Feoronharr, who has by now forgotten his own name, has out-lived his immediate descendants, but can boast of an impressive number of great…great-grandchildren on virtually any and all pathes of life.


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