Mission Briefing THE CHALICE: Blood Angels and Eldar

For centuries the ebon chalice was gone. A proud eldar artefact out of
the times before the fall the sisters from the order of the same name
protected the eldar artifact that was given to them by a strange set
of occurences. These were predicted. By imperial tarot and runeseer
alike, as was the fact that the chalice, lost for centuries through
another set of strange occurences now is on Lutria VI. Sister Superior
Cilia who was sent to search for the chalice is very close to find it
but is also under threat by the PDF of the treacherous gouvernor
McKee. Your mission is to find the chalice and make sure neither the
ancient artifact nor the sister comes to any harm. The artifact will
be later given to the eldar to prevent a foretold prophecy of dark
forces rising.

I have spoken,
Lucius Trivalian, Grand Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus

P.S. Attached also is this transmission which was intercepted by psionic tapping.

By order of Goveneur McNee you are to proceed to sector 4/w0/23. A
droppod incursion has been detected. The governeur as a faithful
servant of the Emperor was not informed about a visit so the drop
must be hostile. Elements of the 23rd recon wing report a small force
of coruptted space marines let by xeno abnormities. These abnormities
seem to be in alliance with the insidious fake battle sister “Cilia”
which was greeted in kind by his majesty but treacherously assaulted
the goveneur and killed several of the diner guests including
metropolite Ignatiuz III. This Cilia person by analysis of
gobernatorial facilitators seems to be on the lookup for something
that might harness even darker forces and bring the forces of
corruption not only to our beautiful world but threaten the whole
imperium. Find Cilia, kill the xenos, purge the tainted!

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