Rausina 4: Das Ablenkungsmanöver/The Diversion

My runes indicate that the diversion to draw the forces of the imperial humans away from the targeted building are successful, probably even too successful: We have to withdraw the Giant Spirit Warrior soon, as he has sustained heavy damage in the process of keeping the humans occupied. Most weapon systems are inoperational, and the Tau, who have thankfully agreed to help us in this, do not fare much better. Unfortunately we were not able to destroy the structure known as Generatorium, which seems to be the humans’ source of power.
Whether or not the time bought in this way will have been enough to extract our last Autarch we will see. There are no news so far from the group of warriors infiltrating the building, and the runes do not give anything away about the outcome of that undertaking.

Extract from a memory crystal of Battleseer Calahan on the Battle of Obrionte


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