Musings on the merits of Xenophobia

7124815.M41, addendum
Judging from what I saw of our captors, they are indeed men of the Emperor’s own forces, a regiment of the Imperial Guard from Aquaria, no less! This is the homeworld of Brother Ambrosius, with whom I had the honour to serve in the Deathwatch, and who has himself a vivid interest to learn more about Xenos, and the Eldar in particular. Knowing him and what he told me about his homeworld, I would have expected a treatment rather different from their silly insistance that we were disguised Eldar and should cease our charade at once. What a nonsense! No argument, no evidence could sway their certainty. How can one be so blind to reality?
Their disrespectful treatment was outrageous, even bordering on heretical. Towards the Lady Fitheak, considering common Imperial teachings, I can understand it even though it pained me to see it then and pains me to say so now, but towards members of an old and honourable Chapter of the Astartes? I cannot comprehend it. Our demands to talk to a superior officer were studiously ignored, even though it cannot be in their interest to prevent the Eldar’s mission on this planet. If only they knew what is at stake, they must see reason. They must be warned, but they would not listen. How can the Imperium prosper and grow, if we shut our ears and eyes from knowledge and facts? Blessed may be the mind to small for doubt, but is ignorance really a virtue to be groomed?
A good amount of caution when dealing with xenos is certainly highly commendable, but here on Rausina the Aquarian officer’s damned xenophobia may well prove our undoing.

Excerpt from Brother Ezekiel’s diarium


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