136th amalganized Ogryn Battleforce

Attached to the 21 Aquaria this unit is a Ogryn Support Unit made from two older ones:

The first group is the 71st Rinturia Volunteers.

The Planet Rinturia long out of the embracing protection of the Imperium went feral thousands of years ago. The population of sophisticated ogryn turning into postapocalyptic wasteland bandits and the the into feral tribal society. This was the time the Orks arrived to use the Ogryn for cheap labor and build big strip mines which ravaged the planet. But 300 hundred years later, no more then toiling slaves, they still prayed to the emperor and were eternally grateful when Comissar Loghlin McPherson staged an uprising and following war to throw the Orks of Planet.

McPherson, himself only with a small retinue, made the Ogryn learn to fight with any captured orkish gun they cut lay hand on.

Now the Planet is back in the fold of mankind and its strong inhabitants are eternally grateful for the apotheosis of planetary uplift which gives them the renown as angels fighting aside other angels for the glory of the beloved and feared god on the golden throne.

The second group is the 65th Tremolo Penal Unit

Tremolo is a Deathworld in the Rumagen Trinket. On the very geoactive planet, daylight mining farms are run by convicts. These poor people normally live only for a few month, the radiation and tectonics make sure of that. Only the ogryn tend to last longest in these abysmal enviroment. The eastern highlands are by now exclusively mined by Ogryn from different Guard Unit who misbehaved. When the emperor is in dire need of Manpower the Penal Villages are organized again into fighting units whos Soldiers by this get the chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor.

Out of both came the 136th amalganized Ogryn Battleforce.

A unit of slightly more Rinturians then Tremolonian Ogres. The 136th was setup after the junglefights of Rinkusa VI to hunt down the archfiend Glorks.

Both Original Regiments were reduced to less then a third of there original strength in a single month. This happened from constant alerts, fights and bad medical care. The surviving Regiment was easily formed on Paper.

The Ogryn themselve still have big troubles serving in a combined Regiment rather then having their own one. Rinturians find that all Tremolians are thieves not to be trusted. The other way around, Tremolians think of Rinturians as extremly unknowing feral worlder who should not carry their head so high.

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