Rausina 12: Desperate Measures

“Fitheak Autarch is aboard that little human vessel. Why would that be?” A cleanly defined eyebrow rises in surprise on a high eldar forehead.

“I cannot offer any valid explanation without great potential error, but in addition it does seem as if that larger craft over there is indeed opening fire on it. One wonders why, as it is also of human origin… And there is another human spacecraft over there, remaining passive so far. Judging by the trajectory of the small vessel, that is its most likely destination.” Grey eyes are staring intently at an image of a solar system hovering three feet above the deck.

“Grace of the ancestors, WHAT is that impossible woman doing now? She shines like a beacon in the Otherplane! Such carelessness this close to the Gap is plain insanity.” The melodious voice shows a trace of exasperation.

“Avoiding being hit by those missiles closing in on the small craft, it would appear. At least, she was successful, as it seems, and is still alive, so far. I hazard even one hit would be the end of it and everyone on board.” A note of concern inserts itself.

“Yes, but if she looses control of what she does, then the opening will rip out of her hands and the resulting tear could admit almost anything from the other plane. I can already feel the predators gathering… She must be very desperate, or over-confident, or maybe she is stronger yet than she was reckoned to be?” Curiosity is piqued.

“Let us hope for the latter and in the meantime intercept that human vessel to divert their attention from the little flyer. Calahan Battleseer would be highly annoyed to find himself without an autarch again, and I am sure it would be quite a set-back for the mission to wait for reenforcements from home.” A sleek shape detaches itself from the shadow of a planet as an Eldar Eclipse cruiser glides forth to aid the beleaguered Blood Angel’s gunship.


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