Rausina 18 aftermath: Chaos thwarted, but Khornes Glory waits.

As I kneel before thee, my master. Mighty crimson glory of the sacred bloodletters choosen. I defiled our purpose by not suceeding to capture the eastern activation runes. I humbly request to be put to death by squeezing all blood out of me on the holy bonethrone of you our beloved god. Do as you see fit with your servant, who is ridden with scornful self-contempt at having lost this most valuable target by not taking it from the hand of the vile xenos. But what should I say, I now know the land, layout and defences of this place far better then any other of your humblest servants.

Your glory with out mights god will spread great when you do get all the artefacts and open the gate of chaos on this world. The whole sector, corpse emperors and xenos alike, will fall to our mighty onslaught. No small raids with cruisers anymore! The whole glory of chaos, the lovely ways of the warp will be, what will come out of this gate.

A whole planet, one access to out beloved home! To enhance your reputation and standing, making you one of the foremost of his majestic spillers. With giving me a mighiter lever to fullfill your dream you will no longer be known as Arbaal the Destroyer, but Arbaal the Bloddy Reaper of Worlds, King of Crimson Gore and shattered Bones!

You will have all the activation runes, all the artifacts and open the gate for Khorne himself to spillout his bloody might!

Demagogue Arsonius, of the black and blue mark.
High Speaker of the circle of Khornes Children on Rausina. Reporting to Lord Arbaal, Terminator Lord of the World Eaters, Grand Overlord of the XXVII Ultima Segmentum Bloodfest.

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