Banshee Overhaulin’


So what do you do if ADS goes crazy about the amount of unpainted figures she has, but in the next sentence talks about getting rid of these badly painted pre-used Banshees she owns? You are not too speechless, all in all I myself like to play with rather wellpainted minis. BUT my output is also much higher (though not even close to her production quality) but still, she paints one mini, I paint 5. I can field legions, she only skirmishes. *nah, you play IG, you HAVE to field legions!*

But enough of the ramblings, when ADS finally said she would rather give the 6 Banshees away and get her self blank ones instead, I went a bit mad. That was when I decided to show her how she could bring the badly painted ones to her standard. I would close the mini up to her color scheme, and she would paint all the gaudy *not gaudy! intricate!* details in, that she needs to feel comfortable with the mini. 

All in all it took under an hour for the two of us to get the mini from what you see left, to what you see right.

Here are the steps:

1. I took the original flat colored mini and painted all the red stuff (mask, loincloth) green.

2. Then I painted also the handle of the sword and the sidearm in green.

3. I repaired some spills of color and some chipped edges.  

4. I applied loads of ogryn flesh wash to get some texture into the flat color.

This is how the middle figure ended up looking like it does.

Then ADS did the rest like a bit of highlights, drybrushing and gemstones. 

What do you think?End result on the right

*ADS thinks that the figures are still far from her standard, but less glaringly so. I might be able to field them now without my painting hand itching… They are closer to my colour scheme, but much darker than my banshees usually are. All right, maybe it is their night-fight rig-out.*


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