Rausina in between 13 and 14

The beaten up strike cruiser had limped through the ether for too long a time. The Geller field of the stricken ship was basically sound, but still had admitted creatures of the warp two times. These nuisances were easely dispatched but showed that the Swordmaiden was badly in need of a complete haul over. The machine spirit thus, even with over 70 percent of the ship’s physical structure hurt, was not in a bad mood. Still, when the ship arrived on Krinova, the sector homeworld. This close to the border of the imperium in the ultima segemetum, there were not too many imperial imperial worlds. Even Krinova, being the major spaceport and military faciliy of the Krinolin Sektor boastet a bit over a billion of citizens.

For Lucius that was not an disadvatage. Because the Krinolin sector was so sparsely populated it also boasted not a big inquisitorial presence. The resident commander of the inquistorial holdings on Krinova easely subordinated himself to Lucius, and the adeptus ministrorum officials of the Krinolin were persuaded to send out a fast force to Rausina to counter the chaos threat. Because in the long run, the whole are of space might be lost to the forces of chaos, if not an example was done out of Rausina. Thus, while Lucius styed on Krimova to get the imperial war machine in high gear for a relief force, he sent back the Eldar witch and his Blood Angels bodyguard in an available light cruiser.He hoped that Fayak would be able to coordinate, together with Captain Cato, a combined defence of Rausina. Maybe they could even talk the Tau into it. Even Xeno rule was preferable to having the artifact activated and the sector drenched in a wave of warp spawn.

But Lucius felt that this advance travel might also be a death warrant, should the forces of corruption already have arrived in force…

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