This is unheard of!

The first all-female Commissar Cadet class this side of Terra

Now and then they crop up, probably not more than one in a hundred: A female Commissar. But then, due to a bureaucratic mistake, 112 girls of from the St Suspira Schola Progenium ended up assigned to the commissariat instead of the Convent of St Silentia. And since you serve where the Emperor chooses to place you, they gave their best.

In the course of the following six years, more than eighty of them quit and asked for a transfer, which was usually granted without further questioning. But twenty or so of them still remain, and these twenty are more than equal to any of their male colleagues: tough, motivated, inspirational, and utterly dedicated to their cause.

Recently they have been split up into two groups of about ten young women, each group being assigned a commissar and sent out to get their first experience of real battlefield duty. Although they were eyed with some suspicion in the beginning, the sheer force of their momentum quickly gained them the grudging respect of the commissar and the troops alike.


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