Planet Avera

Is an mid-important hive world in the scepter run of the Gemstone Reaches known for its production of chemical ingredients used on many other industrialized planets.


Settled by the sect  “AVERA Inc.”  in the early times of the dark age of technology the planet was approached by a fleet of settler ships. These lie now at the core of the great 8 hives of Avera: Avera-A through Avera-H. Till the glory of the Emperor returned to Avera, the 8 communities had already descended into martial strife and Avera-A the most prominent of all a barren ruin made unlivable by tailored viruses spread from one of the other hives.


Interestingly, even having hives all over it, there are still places of pure natural beauty. The central mountain ranges of the main continent are, by holy Imperial decree, a preservation.  A Historian of the Adeptus Terra in cooperation with savant of the Adeptus Mechanicus said this reservation was installed to keep the planets atmosphere from dying. The wooded mountain range is said to completely remake all of the planets breathable air within a few years. The special trees being a plant the settlers brought with them.


Avera G is considered one of the more unassuming hives in the sector. A classic conglomerate of building upon building reaching up into the highest layers of the planets athmosphere.

At the times the planets ecosystem was almost killed by the chem industry, before the cleaning trees of the central mountain range kicked in, the nobles of Avera G did construct great biodomes onto the upper hive flanks, building villas into them. Most of the domes are large enough to hold a fair size manor. Others are large enough for some peasent villages and agriculture. Today the enclosed biodome constrcucts are no longer needed but hereditary tradition keeps most of the nobles on the spot. In the other hives, were the biodomes were never much used, the nobility left the hives and are now living in the pleasent area around the central mountain ranges.

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