System: Axinite

The Axinite System was once called the Entrace to the Reaches. That was before a mayor change in Trade Routes and loosing of the deReut Family Fortunes. The de Reut were the main owners of a chart of trading for the traingel of

Ore from  Scintobsidian to Clinohumite for processing,

Raw metals and some manufatcured goods from Clinohumite to Axinite for trade to other sectors.

When the the deReut lost their fortune due to Heresy, their Axinite based space dock and reloading facility came into disuse even stranding the operating ground crew on the planet Axinite Main.

Axinite main is a feral world which was once holding a non imperial high culture of humans from a generation ship. When deReut arrived they had bombed themselves back into near stone age but still valued some artefacts out of “oulde dayse”.

Since the System is abandoned again, the small seed of imperial civilisation that the ground bases of the deReut family has layed is

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