Planet: Clinohumite

Clinohumite is a Terran sized planet and is the Capital of the Rumagen Trinket part of the Gemstone Reaches. It is a bitter, withering Hiveworld of epic proportions based on a religious caste system of its own branch of the imperial creed. It is the second of a 5 palnet system. Three strip mined barren rocks and the 4th bein a gas giant of

The planet is known to be completely covered with buildings, ruins and wastes from industrial production. It has no own atmosphere and no other live then what humankind brought. The planet was chosen by the first guilders as a settlement and production base because it sits in the middle of the Trinket and had a very rich composition of valuable ores and stone usable in production. These have been depleted over 3000 years ago and since then the planet had a hard time continuing its golden age of importance.

Being still the main manufacturer of goods in the Trinket it now  lives of neighboring Systems supplying it with raw material and food. There are a lot of charted Traders bringing in Ore from all mining Operations in the Subsector. The route to Darya-I-Nur being the most profitable of, giving the owning chartist family M`Dele great influence on the High Priest of CH.

The High priest being the de facto ruler of Clinohumite since the tragic incident of fire in the guild counsel hall 65 years ago.

This fire turned the guild owned planetary holdings into one humongous and inefficient gigantic theocracy with a version of the imperial creed devised by Tehos M’Dele himself.

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