Planet:Il Nizinite III

A forlorn desert world with no big settlements. The few hardy survivors of this frontier world scrap a living out of hunting for pre heresy relics in the concentrical cities that are located on every continent and in every dried up sea-basin of Nizinite. These are descendants of imperial settlers having left their old squalor to form an “efficient agricolony on a lush and lovely agri planet Nizinite III in the reaches.”

In their tracktruck convoys these nomads form tribes that fight each other about the rights of access to the desert cities. Staying in them for prolonged time is considered to bring the wrath of the emperor down on them. Even if the Adeptus Terra has the planet as imperial on file there is very few ingredients to an imperial word. No central government, no direct tithe. Only the Ecclesiarch of Clinohumite is thinking about taxing the treasure hunters buy having an in system patrol that establishes the sovereignty of Clinohumite over the nearby Nizinite System.

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