The Quest for Sword and Soul 1: Prelude

It has been quite a few flights and a non measurable amount of time must have passed in realspace before we made anchor at the rogue trader waystation we got intel on for finding the sword.

Unfortunately the deathwatch thunderhawk, while using one of the myriad of fake ID codes, was very easy to spot as not being a rogue trader ship. Still the deathwatch was infamos enough to keep people at arms length for a while and propably not too interfering with proceedings.

At least that is what we thought when we entered the Bar together with Fayak hidden in a woolen robe. In our powerarmours Fayak‘s Angels and I did not even try to hide ourselves. We were escorting a high level inquisition rep. At least that was what it looked like.

Discussion were quick and turned south even quicker. The brutes that owned the locale were not too happy with the big I showing up. (Their words). We had to beat a fighting retreat, and once the word was out that the pirate spaceport was uncovered by the Godemperors most holy order everybody fled the system. There was a gigantic exodus of ships leaving the station. We hid between them with another fake ID first, and then no ID later when we decided to hitchike out of the System via a gigantic bulk freighter that was passing by.

We landed on its impact pock marked outer hull, choosing a crater that went two or three levels deep into the hull and hid the thunderhawk there.

We were not the only ones, while we brought out some camo netting a level up from the ship, to cover the crater, our passive auspex recognized half a dozend other small ships in the vicinity having parked on the hull or being in the process of touching down. Like fleas in a canine pelt or ticks on a megasuarus hide. Every pirate who left the station for fear of being raided, and did not have a warpdrive in their tiny ship tried to get a free ride on the ancient and propably blind freighter.

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