Brother Librarian Ambrosius of the Deathwatch

Honored Librarian of the Aquamarine Chapter, currently assigned to the Deathwatch of the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition.

Current Status: 

Brother Ambrosius’ area of ??interest was initially only the collection of xenon weapons. Over time, he developed a more specific collecting passion and prized all finds accurately. Through his decades of surveying, weighting and material analysis, he can be considered justifiably the most knowledgeable on the subject of “Eldar Shuriken”. His collection is unparalleled, and more and more finds from battlefields are sent to him to find out which Tribe of Eldar Xenos  the attacker was.

Ambrosius has been on a research mission in the expanses of the Ultima Segmentum for several years on behalf of the Deathwatch and commands his own Dropship he uses to hitchhike through the Gemstone Reaches.



Ambrosius grew up in an Aquaria Underwaterhive and was chosen to become a Aquamarine by the chapters recruitment screeners. While inducted he showed signs of psionic capability and was vetted by inquistorial representative to Aquaria as being stable and not too powerful. His talents lie in short range sensing, communication and protection.

Being of rather stocky build and having lost his left leg in early years as a Aquamarine, Ambrosius is still a typical Aquarian. Rather joyfully praising the Emperors name while working in the Chapters gardens and breweries when not working as a a librarian. He is valued by his brothers for his good humor and sharp thinking as well as sometimes frowned upon for his great interest in Xenos, especially Eldar. He thinks well of all races „That have the spirit of creation in them.“ and compares them to humans. Necron are just AI machines too him that mst be destroyed, having no own spirit anymore, while even Orks seem to have some inbuild spiritual sense to „create stuff“. Eldar he values for their art and creativity but thinks they are still fallen.

While the forces of chaos are the eternal enemy he spends not much thought on them beyond wrath and hate focusing solely on attaining more knowledge about xenos. The reason why the chapter Master send him to the Deathwatch.

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