Killteam: RogueTrader Ravensburgs Ravenhead

Left to Right: Voidsman Laz, Gorina Poole, Voidsman Jup, Capitain Vandir Ravensburg, Voidsman Petr, Voidsmaster Rognar Haforg, Voidsman Rup

Ravensburg is the 112th Commanding Officer / Owner of the (C)RAVENFOOT, a small, ugly and very fast tramp freighter that had a pricey specialty: Due to some unknown and confidential service the 2nd capitain had rendered to the imperium a Rogue Trader License was attached to the ship. What makes life great and miserable onboard. Every retainer who is a bit unhappy with how things proceed wants to be the new capitain instead of the current capitain. This lead to a quick succession of commanders/owners of the ship and made it infamous across the Reaches as an unlucky charm. The ship finds difficulty making port at regular space stations and anchors, so much so that, “out of economic necessity” the owners say, piracy and smuggling is now an additional income to the regular off border rogue trading business.

As much as the recently renamed/bracketed (C)RAVENFOOT is having difficulty in imperial space the more successful it became outside of imperial space. Vandir is known to be the first stable influence to the rather chaotic proceedings on the 1.5 km long wayfinder class merchant. He took the command by poisoning the inept 110th capitain Bloatus Grosk and blaming it on the 111th captain Radomira the Red Witch from whom he also inherited an ancient artificer laspistol and a power saber.

Part of how he maintains a high level of order is threefold.

  1. He was able to secure the help of a regiment of former imperial guardsmen that had been stranded and are now mercenaries. Vandir made an agreement with their colonel Hartman and had him mindwashed and confined to his staterooms a few month later. The troopers love Hartman who kept them alive during their isolation but as Ravensburg treats the the guards much better than Hartman ever could they become more and more attached to the captain. Recently the soldiers even started referring themselves as voidsmen.
    No less then 4 “honor guards” are always close to Vandir while the rest of the former 234673rd Bulla regiment also polices the ship and makes sure the wretched and rather mutinous crew behaves itself.
  2. A few years before Vandir became ambitious and decided to leave the catering crew of the (C)ravenfoot, he found a stowaway in one of the delicacy drums delivered by the harbor resupply on Amethyst A. The blind passenger was an ugly and almost terminally sick creature referring to himself as Rognar Haforg.
    Vandir hid Rognar for weeks in one of the broken zero entropy storerooms in the back of kitchen 41 and bought him stolen antidotes to make him healthy again.
    Later he gave the “ugliest on ship” a rather unsuccessful job in one of the catering crews for the officers mess. There Rognar prove his worth by removing all competitors of Vandir from the race of becoming the chief catering officer of the ship. Whenever Vandir needs it, Haforg accompanies his Boss with his ancient assault shotgun and brutal demeanor.
  3. He won Gorina in a card game, the legend goes. Nobody remembers when she came on board and nobody knows why she is always at Vandirs side. Always clad in shiny red and black leather/latex she share his quarters with Ravensburg and the crew makes many jokes about all the lusty perversions the capitain and his domina are surely into.
    Of course nobody would say anything in this direction into the face of the esteemed high capitain or the leather mask of the assassin/xenowitch/killerservitor/whateversheisbutdeadly mute lady of the ship. Reality is that she executed no less then 5 persons that were plotting to overthrow the capitain in the first 6 month of her being on board. The mutinous climate on board has become much quieter since then. Everybody fears her silent killing skills with the powerblade she wields and the poison darts she casts from somewhere on her body whenever needed. She never makes a sound when killing or has ever been heard uttering a single word.

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