Return to Rausina 4

Eldar and Imperial Leftovers fled into the north, fighting a retreating battle towards a potential entry in to the Eldar Webway.
Smallpass is the name of a rather flat valley mountain pass. A snowy road flanked by high plateaus give access throught the mountain range.
Inquisitor Lucius Retinue fights the Heretic Astartes in the mountain pass leading to the icy north.
In true Nightlord fashion the pincer attack the Imperials at the most narrow point of smallpass.
The heretics go into prepared firing postions.
Lucius bades his Blood Angel escort to rush ahead, binding the firepower of the heretics. Meanwhile the Inquistorial Retinue finds cover behind the Angels Battletank and Dreadnought for the first part of the firefight.
The Blood Angel Bikers, eliminate the Astartes on the left flank. The Baal Predator streams exploding shells down the road, pinning the heretics further down the pass. Lucius orders his retinue to advance under the heavy suppression fie.
Furioso, the venerable Dreadnought of the Blood Angels gets enraged by the elimination of the Blood Angel bike squad by fragged fire from the heretics in the back and on the right flank. Furioso moves to the left and climbs up onto the plateau on the left. Lucius sends a squad of Stormtroopers to aid him.
As casualties mount the firefight bogs down the advance of the iImperials.
Unseen but always watching a single eldar ranger hides on the right plateau and reports back the proceedings to his kind in the north.
Furiosos movement flanks the leaderships of the heretic army that was entering the battlefield on the left flank.
Lucius see this and charges forward, letting loose…
…his psyker slave girl. Great power flows out of the anorexic frame of the girl. Lightning shooting out of her eyes and fingers, paralysing the chaos lord. Furioso and Lucius smash the vile traitor.
The death of their warlord gives the Nightlords a serving of their own medicine. Fear grasps the chaos host.
As suddenly the Eldar come charge in from the end of the pass, they fear of turns into terror and the Nightlords disperse.
Both sides have suffered terrible…

…losses. But the Empire wins the day.

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