Return to Rausina 5

A few days after the battle at smallpass the remains of the Imperial Army on Rausina combined with the Inquisitorial Troops of Lucius and the remaining Eldar Warhost which tried to prevent Rausina from falling to chaos.
The Basecamp around the Eldar Ruins, as Rausina before, was still defended by a most peculiar alliance of men an xenos under the leadership of Autarch Fayak and Lord Inquisitor Lucius.
The important mission was to keep the Eldar ruins secure from the heretic invaders so that the Eldar and Lucius could work on opening the Webway Gate and evacuate everybody before Rausina turned into a chaos world. All other options were no longer feasible as the Imperial Navy had lost the battle for the Rausina System and Lucius Strike Cruiser had been repelled during the landing attempt.
The defense brought all defenders close together, something that in other circumstances would have tainted the warriors of all factions with the stench of the foreign. Here they all celebrated their united stand against the greater enemy. This was the spirit of the Rausina campaign, up to the last stand.
Furioso, not a stranger to the Craftworld Caer Diomsach stood by his comrades in mind from the wraithguard of the Eldar and the Inquistorial Stormtroopers who went along with him at the cliff climb a few day earlier. Comradeship against the common enemy glued them into a unit that did great dies against the archfoes of chaos on that days.
The Blood Angels of Fayak Guard, stood together with the gun servitors of Lucius retinue. Even the simple machines filled with rage against the arch enemy.
Combined fire from Xenos and Imperials mowed through the Heretic Astartes,
Banshees rushed the Nightlords into the flank, their screams striking fear, even into the vile lords of terror.
But their Leader, a mighty Terminator rushed into the fray and the Eldar took grievous losses.
Soon, all the Banshee spirits wandered into the spirit stones of their armor.
While the Banshees perished, the troops around Furioso fared better and killed countless of enemies that were rushing towards them.
But more and more were streaming towards the staunch defender. A Heretics Rhino sped directly towards Lucius retinue.
Lucius tried to lend them his psionic fortitude but he was not successful.
Fayak swooping in to stand with her Marines could also not prevent Azrael from going down. The archenemies bolterfire was merciless.
Even Lucius mighty slave psyker was hit. Normally simple, earthly munitions were not able to harm her.
More and more Nightlords stormed into the field of ruins. Fayak moved to Furioso to stand by him on this side of the field.
And another Rhino charged. This time into the Blood Angel Honor Guard
They were hit and hard by the impact and cast away like puppets while the soft meat of Lucius war servitors impaled on the spikes of the Rhino. But the trusty machine men stood fast and fired their heavy bolters even while being gutted.
At the same time a lascannon shot from the newly arrived Heretic Astartes cut down Furiosos legs from under his sarcophagus. With almighty scream of abuse the venerable dreadnought fell to the ground, his feed left standing.
Fayak felt the wraithguards might urge to revenge their friend and commanded them onward to the enemy.
The constructs lumbered forward and fired their powerful beam weapons into the enemy
In the meantime the Chaos Terminator Lord had felt Lucius pure soul taunting him and moved between the lines to reach the Inquisitor for single combat.
The fight was tough, but Lucius, heavily wounded won while Fayak used the Wraithguards to push the Heretics out of the ruins again.

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