Kikolu Manele

This was an outrage, what a loss of time.

Me maybe not one of the highborn spire kiddies, but me old enough, proven enough to be not treated like grox feeces.

Me then very angry that customer, bold offworld bum with high nose got parcel but never paid.

So me think of hunting him instead of for him. He will make good parcel, to someone, in a way. So me go dig, drag out contact to him who hired me and did not have money from him.

Stinking fat fellow from mid hive, damn fixer, do not trust go in between anymores. Me took left hand as trophy, he lefthander, he suddenly got las in hand when we talk of customer. He afraid, of customer not me, want no give him away.

He wrong, me more terrible.

Left him manhood but tool hand no me. Contradicts tradition of me tribe but me already enough enemies.

Then fixer told me what me need.

Old warehouse subrpime midhive location. Fixed with traps and electronics.

Me stealthy for profession. Me know what to do, torch old vehicle standing front of building, wait for patrol to come, check front, then me stealthy in from behind, only me and the snake, me silenced hunting las.

All dark but me good in dark, smell and feel enemy, first goes with kniife in throat. Second standing watch, smoking lho stick, too. Bad lho, very cheap tasting.

Then me into lower part, no longer trashy, junked old warehouse, rather fine smell, of expensive perfume.

Three halfnaked guards, lots of piercing all over, big vibro-machetes in their bulky fists. Well muscled and quick guys, bit like ogryn, but better looking, much better then me.

Almost give me hard time. First me throw knive, he deflects. me fire snake, he drop dead in half.

Second on me, me parry now dent in the snake. Sad but remberance to good fight. Me grab him by balls, but only scream of lust, not pain.  Even wen me tear off thing. I head butt, drive nose into brain.

Third one tries drive me machete into side. Me jump. Me nicked and bleeding, stupid wound.Me turning snake around lassing guy in head.

All done. Smell no one, here only behind door, smell of lust felt, worked and spend. Door has sign on, nauseating wards, evil contrary to what the emperor says.

What now? Me not wanting to have brain split by looking to much. Me waiting me doing braining.  Then me smell group, me go into hiding, ceiling duct, me admit easely. Me look through grating.

Big guy, big power armour, ancient, elaborate, painted white over bronze, he holding sword with crackling blue light and shield. He followed by servitors, three expensive models with big guns, mulitmelta and such.

He faces door, not se me, but servitor in middle does, says THREAD LOCKED BEHIND VENTING. AWAITING ELEMINATION GO. with voice completely void of feeling.

Me say: STOP MIGHTY LORD ME AM LOOKING FOR SAME PREY! Me cautiosly climb out.

The big guy turns around.

CAN YOU GET US IN WITHOUT NOISE? a dark silent yet booming growl assaults my hearing.


Big guys armor is encrusted with faithful prayers and sayings out of the holy books of terra. Must be from ecclesairchy or even inquisition. Me step lightly or me in trouble. The snake not even dent him before he or him servitors rip me.

He noddes. GOOD, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU TO LOOK AT. His voice booms not in me ears,  it boom in mehead!

The servitors demonstrate me, to stay. Big Guy charges sword or something, blade becoming blue fire. The guy hits door and it melts away. Servitors, pretty fast for dead flesh, move forward and fire. Big guy looks tired. Lumps a bit. I look. He looks to me, is smiling, I see even with him helm on. Fight in room, me not see, but me see snaky tentacle reaching out of room. Trying grab big guy. Me get snake up and me fire. Fast enough, that big guy grabs me throat just after.

Lucky me! Guy squishes for big time hurts! But realizes, me saved him from trouble. Big smell of burned moschus and rotting amber from room. Two servitor return carrying melta from third. Big guy, goes in there for short moment, comes back and says:


Kikolu Manele, me answer and that how me start work for Lucius, Inquisitor of Demonhunters.

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