The next Generation: Helena Balfour

Young, gauntly attractive Helena is the late inquisitor Lucius’ adopted daughter, and is alledgedly named after the ship on which she was born and later picked up by the inquisitor. Rumour has it (although usually it never did in the presence of said inquisitor) that she might be the natural child of the Old Man himself and one of his co-workers, a fellow inquisitor named Adelar. This rumour was supported by the fact that Miss Adelar undertook the education of the teenage Helena after her adopted father’s disapperance, and also by the superficial likeness the two of them share: Being born in the void they both are rather pale, tall and slender, but there the likeness ends. Where Adelar’s face is oval and elegant, Helena’s is angular and slightly disturbing.

Helena enjoyed the finest education available anywhere in the Imperium for influence and money, and indeed even as a child had the insight to appreciate the expenses lavished on her upbringing. Yet, she was by no means spoiled, growing up in the knowledge that one day she would have to give back to society what it gave her in her childhood, when only the best was good enough in the household of an inquisitor-lord.

Thus her excessive psychic talent was duly trained and honed to a rare degree to serve the inquisition in its constant battle against the minions of chaos. Growing up in an inquisitorial household certainly provided her with some interesting insights into Imperial society, while protecting her from most of the more grimm aspects of its citizens’ day-to-day lives. However, on the behest of her adopted father, her tutors made up for this, and care for societies’ poorest was a regular feature in her curriculum.

Since coming of age, Helena has been helping out inquisitor Adelar now and then with her psychic abilities while learning to pilot space and air-crafts at a reknowned private aviation school on Glavus.


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