Landing permit granted…

…for our new Blood Angels Raptor pattern gunship! For the “Quest for Sword and Soul” Storyline we needed a conveyance, that the heroes around Farseer Fayak used for hunting the runesword that contains her soul. Her trusty body guards, together with Deathwatch

Quest for Sword and Soul 4: Dirty tactics

Arriving through the vent was a rough affair. The duct they used to escape the ancient genestealers were broken and branched of in many directions. Ambrosius led the way and was very sure which branch to take. He had sensed something of

Return to Rausina 3

Hier der Bericht des Captains der Crimson Skullslaughterers …Khorns Glorie wurde wieder durch ein paar Schädel mehr zu seinen Füßen gemehrt, und auch das Blut von wiederlichen Eldar und diesen völlig verwirrten wir-wissen-nicht-wen-wir-anbeten-sollen Ex-Brüdern floss reichlich.Und bis auf mich sind alle unsere

The Quest for Sword and Soul 5 Preludium: Meanwhile, Ravenburg…

Prelude: “You are sure its them?” asked Ravenburg, looking away from the piczoom aligner screen. He flipped to switches on the master auspex console and the main screen of the bridge displayed a blackish, reddish space marine type gunship. The slender female

Squad Profile – 4th Company, 2nd Squad – Tactical Marines

This is the first of a series of squad profiles for the Iron Hands Successor Chapter, Scions of the Forge! 2nd Squad, headed by Veteran Sergeant Rangel Mesen. They are one of the most venerable units within the chapter, having proven their